Introducing the energy-saving Air Cooler PLUS- runs on only 62 watts; just 12 cents per day

For about the same cost of using a 60-watt light bulb, you can run the this Air Cooler on as little as 12 cents. The Air Cooler PLUS uses a robust fan to pull air through its patent-pending Cooling Chamber and the large frozen HD-Ice™ packs do all the work. And because it uses high-density gel ice packs, there’s no water needed to run it. No water – MORE energy savings.

Consider it as a supplement to your air conditioner to REDUCE those electric bills:

  • Runs for only 12 cents per day
  • Supplements cooling so you can reduce the use of your whole-house air conditioner
  • Focuses your cooling on where you and your family are
  • Works great as a supplement to window air conditioners
  • Turns off automatically to save more energy – you choose from a 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-hour auto-off setting

Consider the energy-saving advantages over a standard water-based air cooler:

  • The patent-pending waterless air cooler does not increase the humidity in the room
  • Waterless means no water needed – that saves money and doesn’t waste the environment’s most precious resource
  • Waterless also means NOT heavy-with-water and that makes the Air Cooler PLUS the most portable air cooler on the market

You may even consider the Air Cooler PLUS instead of adding another window air conditioner. At only $149 after the $80 instant online discount, that’s far cheaper than the $500 or more you could spend on a single window unit. And when you compare the cost to run the Air Cooler PLUS against other similar home appliances (see chart below), the Air Cooler PLUS pays for itself in less than one heat-scorching summer! It even runs on less energy than an Xbox.
With the current economic crisis, many people are looking to provide supplemental cooling instead of having to crank up the air conditioning. Air conditioning costs far more to run. The supplemental cooling available with the Air Cooler PLUS allows you to place the unit anywhere you are. At under 25 lbs., it’s as easy to move around as a small office chair on rollers. You can use it anywhere you and your family are and it’s absolutely safe (UL Rated).

Ordering the Air Cooler PLUS is easy. Simply order online or call 800-258-7637 and mention authorization code ECAIR20. You can start saving money in as little as ONE week (shipping times vary)! And if you order online, we’ll give you a $80 discount – probably the same amount you’re paying each month to run your whole-house air conditioning! Consider it our way of contributing to your economic stimulus package!

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