Honor 20 Pro Review – One Of The Best Smartphones That May Never Launch

There are a Good amount of Smartphones which are released by honor, and it might seem exercise at some point but we know that honor has a good marketing strategy.Show latest see what does honor 20 Pro look like. It is not easy to review our phone which is under a ban but as a perfect lineup. This Ban could lead to the software update being terminated for Huawei by Google.

Honor 20 Pro review

First of all, we would like to mention the hardware of this phone is really good. When we picked up the honor 20 Pro record already feel the build quality and the considerable 182 grams weight. There is no curved display or curved rear glass which is found in this phone but because of that this phone feels larger and your hand and we are sure that the build quality of the phones has been picked up by honor. The choice of materials, as well as the craftsmanship of the phone, is premium.

Similar to the view 20 the honor 20 Pro comes with a signature left and proper sided punch hold display which is spread out from the edges. There is a chin on this phone but the chin is ultra slim like on the one plus 7.

You will also get face unlock feature but the security of the phone is reduced severely so make sure that you use at with extreme caution because someone might be able to breach through the security.

If there is one feature that will about this phone, that feature is the color choices of this phone because it is amazing. The model we tested was a Turquoise deep sea color. the overall hardware found on this device is fantastic. The feel, the look, the internals all are premium. The processor used this kirin 980, 256 GB of internal storage is available the RAM available is 8GB and we know that that’s nothing we have not seen before. You can compare the kirin 980 with the Snapdragon 855 processor which is one of the top processes globally available in phones. The Phone comes with 4G Compatible, So, You Don’t have push your 4G sim in 3G Phones Anymore

We know that there are locked bootloaders which might be not favorable for all the Android users but we can say this with confidence that this phone does not fall short on performance. There were no bugs faced when we tested this phone. The phone shifts between colors according to the angle of the light which you are in. The appeal is leathery.

We know that honor 20 Pro is more capable than honor view 20 in terms of camera and the device surely delivers shots which are stunning with amazing details and natural feeling.

Conclusion: We did not go over the gaming performance as well as a software performance because there is nothing new here, the hardware used is top quality and the software is flawless as well so you can expect top-notch performance in all of the games and applications which you want to use.

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