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How to Manually defrost your American Fridge Freezer

Don’t you just love sticking your head inside the freezer for a min or two after a long hard day at work. Or is it just me?. Well, you won’t be able to do that if your freezer is filled with chunks of frozen ice all over it. 8 out of 10 people do not defrost their freezer which leads to lesser efficiency and ending up in costing you more during the end of the month on your electricity bill.

And, most likely your freezer is nearing to an early death. But you can avoid all these by just following a simple step, ‘defrosting’. Defrosting your freezer can help you keep your freezer efficient, clean and healthy.

Defrosting your fridge freezer is a simple process wherein you have various steps to follow and clean the freezer in such a way that you don’t waste your time as well as save some money on the other hand.

Step 1: How to Defrost American Fridge Freezer


Before defrosting your fridge freezer, empty out all the food from your freezer and move them to another freezer or pack them up in a cooler for some time. After that, pull your fridge freezer away from the wall and unplug it safely.

Step 2: Unplug and Wait

The obvious way to defrost your American fridge freezer is to unplug it as mentioned in the first step and then wait it out. This is the most simplest method of them all but it also is the most time consuming one.

And, if it’s winter season, well then you’ll have to wait the entire day. And if you do not have a spare freezer then all the food contents will go to waste. If you are someone who cannot wait that long, then there are more ways to defrost.

Step 3: Hair Dryer/Blow Dryer

Use your hair dryer/blow dryer. I know it sounds bizarre. But trust me it’s proven to be one of the best solutions to defrost the fridge freezer. Take some safety measures before performing the same by keeping the cord away from the water that will be dripping from the freezer and etc.

Step 4: Use a Fan

Use a portable fan. A fan can help you circulate the hot air around the freezer which will in turn help the ice to melt even faster. However, this needs a warm temperature so if it’s winter maybe you can try something else.

Step 5: Use Got Cloth

Using a hot cloth or rubbing alcohol. This seems like a traditional way to to defrost your freezer. Dip a cloth into boiling water, be careful with it. After that pour some rubbing alcohol into it and start to clean the lumps of ice. Concentrate on the edges that hold the chunks in place so that you can remove everything at once without any hassles.

Step 6: Scraping

Well, this is the most satisfying of them all. Scraping, many might enjoy while some might curse it. It is presumably the most popular method of them all and it helps in defrosting the process entirely.

You can use a ice scraper, a spatula, a wooden spoon or probably try something from around your house in order to remove it. Make sure not to apply too much pressure as it will hurt you as well as puncture the gas line inside the freezer.

After you’ve done the following, add all the removed contents back, plug in the American fridge freezer and you are good to go. You might need to perform this steps every 6 months depending on your freezer. If still there issue are not fixed, Go and Get a New American Fridge Freezer. …

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