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How to remove bloatware from Mi mobile?

Whenever you buy a new mobile phone you might have noticed that there are some pre-installed apps that you can’t uninstall. Some of these apps are the system utility apps such as calculator, camera, file manager, gallery etc. But many of the apps are those that you can easily download from the play store on your own such as UC browser, news app etc. You cannot uninstall these apps even if you want. Some vendors such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc provide these kinds of apps pre-installed on the smartphone. These apps are not necessarily helpful to the user and they also clutter the storage space of the device. In this article, we will see how you can remove these bloatware apps from your Mi mobile

What is bloatware?

As stated above, bloatware refers to the apps that come pre-installed in your phone provided by the vendor. These apps act as system apps and cannot be uninstalled or deleted. These apps just occupy the storage space without serving any useful purpose for the user. Some of these even display ads in your whole device. Stock android ROMs or ROMs close to stock android ROM such as the ones provided by Motorola will have only the necessary apps that the official android open source project provides. Other than those primary apps any other app is considered as bloatware. In the case of xiaomi you might have seen apps such as email, FM radio, compass, Mi account, recycle, payment, scanner, etc which are already available in the google apps package but are also provided as default apps in xiaomi, these are a classic example of bloatware applications.

How to remove bloatware from your phone?

Removing bloatware from your phone is not an easy task if you don’t have a rooted phone. Since the bloatware apps are locked on to the system by the vendor and cannot be uninstalled normally you either have to use third-party apps or root your device to get rid of the bloatware apps. There are three ways to remove bloatware apps from your phone.

MIUI hidden settings

The MIUI hidden settings app is a platform for developers and users to access the hidden settings of the MIUI operating system and to perform complex tasks easily. Using this app you can do the number of different things such as access the notification log which was very challenging earlier. Using the MIUI hidden settings app you can uninstall most of the bloatware apps and you can also uninstall or disable the preinstalled Google apps But before doing all this you have to remove MI account from your phone. The hidden settings app provides a tabbed user interface where you can select the android version you have and perform the operations very easily.

  • MIUI hidden settings app is available on play store you can download it from here.
  • Once you have downloaded the app and installed it, open it and choose your android version.
  • Now select the “manage applications” option. You will be presented with a list of all the available applications on the device.
  • You can scroll through all the available applications and disable or uninstall whichever app you want.

The only issue with this application is you can’t uninstall all the bloatware apps using this moreover disabling the apps doesn’t necessarily remove it from your system so they will still occupy the storage space. The only benefit in disabling the apps is that those apps will no longer be shown in the app drawer neither they will consume any RAM.

Using ADB and fastboot

This is the best way to get rid of bloatware apps if hidden settings app doesn’t work properly for you and you also don’t want to root your phone. For this process, you will need your device and a computer. Just follow the below-given steps to get rid of bloatware from your phone.

  • In your phone go to settings about phone and tap on MIUI version 7 times. You will get a message saying “You are now a developer!”.
  • Now navigate to settings Additional settings Developer options and turn on USB debugging.
  • Now on your computer download Java SE Development Kit./li
  • Make sure that if you are on a Windows operating system, you need to download the .exe file instead of a .zip file.
  • Once the download is complete, install the Java SE Development Kit on your computer.
  • Now download the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tools. Make sure to download the latest file with .jar extension.
  • Once the download is complete double click on the .jar file that you have just downloaded. If your computer asks you to choose a software to open the file with, then select the Java SE Development Kit. Now the software window should open.
  • Now connect your device with the computer using a USB cable. You should get a popup on your device asking for authorization. Just tap on OK.
  • Now the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot tools software should detect your mobile phone and should display the list of all available applications on it.
  • Just select all the applications you want to uninstall and click on the uninstall button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Doing this will uninstall all the applications you have selected. Now disconnect your phone from the computer and restart it once.
  • You should see that all the installed applications are completely removed from your phone.<

This is the best method to uninstall bloatware apps from your device as you do not need to root your phone and you still can completely remove the applications from your device’s system.

Using root access

If you have a rooted device or are ready to root your device then this is the best method to remove any bloatware from your mobile phone. A rooted device has the complete access on its all system partitions so you can easily modify it to remove any of the system apps that you want. To use this method you should have a device with root access. Follow the below-given steps to remove bloatware

  • Use any system app remover tool such as this.
  • Download the above-given application and install it in your phone.
  • Open the app and wait for sometime. The application should ask you to grant root permission.
  • Allow the root permission for the app and now select all the applications that you want to uninstall from your system.
  • Now click on the uninstall button present at the bottom of the screen. You should also see the total amount of storage space that you save by uninstalling all those apps.
  • Once the uninstallation is complete restart your phone once to get rid of the application icons from the app drawer.
  • Now you have successfully removed all the bloatware from your phone.

This is the best method to get rid of any bloatware for unwanted system apps the only downside to this method is that you need to have a rooted device. If after restarting your mobile you are somehow locked out of your Mi account and can’t get inside your device then use the mi account unlock tool app to unlock your account.


Make sure that after using any of the methods given above you should restart your device at least once because sometimes the system apps will get uninstalled but their icons will still remain in the app drawer. If you click on those icons you might get an error message or your app drawer may even crash. Restarting your phone will ensure that all the residue from the uninstalled apps is removed completely from the system.


Nowadays most of the mobile manufacturers sell their devices with custom android os which always have a lot of bloatware apps that the user can’t uninstall. These apps only occupy storage space and clutter the whole system. If you have a Xiaomi device you might have noticed a lot of unwanted apps in the custom MIUI OS that Xiaomi provides. By using the methods given above you can easily get rid of those unwanted applications.…