HPV Vaccination; Why It’s Not Just For Girls



Human papillomavirus can cause cervical cancer. The vaccines that can protect you from the virus are bivalent vaccine and quadrivalent vaccine. Gardasil is a HPV vaccine that can help prevent genital warts and some cancers around the anus and vulva. Three shots of both vaccines should be given over a six-month period.

Who Should Receive the HPV Vaccination?

HPV vaccination is normally recommended for girls who are 11to 12 years old. Girls as young as nine years old may receive the vaccination too. HPV vaccinations are more commonly recommended for girls. Boys should also receive the vaccines. Boys who receive the HPV vaccine could be protected from oral, genital warts, anal and penile cancers.

The Importance of HPV Vaccination

Human papillomavirus can effect men and women. Most young people who are sexually active could get HPV without knowing. Certain types of HPV may not have noticeable symptoms and might go away on their own. Genital human papillomavirus is common and is passed from one person to another during sex. HPV vaccination could reduce cervical cancer deaths. Protection may be long-lasting after you receive the three shots. The HPV vaccinations will not protect against all cervical cancers. Talk with your child’s doctor for more information.

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