Preparing Your Four Year Old For Kindergarten


One of the hardest jobs for a Mom is letting your child start kindergarten. However, if you are prepared and relaxed, your child will feel more confident starting this journey. Be excited as you introduce the idea of kindergarten to your little one! Remember, this is one of life’s important transitions from dependence to independence.

The teacher will expect your child to be potty trained, so practice taking only scheduled bathroom breaks during the day. If you can teach your child to write their first name, recognize numbers up to 10, and recite the alphabet, they may be ahead of the class!

Role playing the school day will get your child prepared for sitting still, asking permission to speak or get up, opening their food and drink, and standing in line. It is helpful to get into a routine of bed time and waking up to get ready for school.

You can also get your child excited by letting them choose a fun backpack and a cool lunch bag. The school may provide a list of supplies to purchase, so have fun shopping for those along with the all-important new clothes and shoes. Make it a point to enjoy the time you have together before the school year begins. You will be surprised how time flies after the first day of kindergarten!…